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Local bowling alley offers fun for all!

24 May
Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends

Southwest Lanes is a great place to enjoy a round of bowling with friends!





15 May

Looking to step out on the town with friends for some social time and cocktails? Check out the V.I.P lounge. The V.I.P lounge is located on 5460 California Ave in Bakersfield, Ca. The V.I.P. lounge has great tradition being one of the oldest bars in town. The V.I.P lounge has great drink prices, jukebox, darts and much more. The bar is small, so it gives you the ability to build a relationship with the bartenders on duty. The V.I.P lounge treat their customers really good. For football season, the bar keeps their customers coming back by providing free food. The bar has a very diverse crowed, which is due to its history here in town. The older crowed seems to occupy the spot much earlier than the younger crowed. The drink prices is one of the cheapest in town. Happy hour drink are half off any drinks from 4:00pm to 5:00pm everyday 7 days a week. I’m from Chicago and the V.I.P lounge just have everything I look for out of a bar. It doesn’t look like much on the outside or the inside, but looks are not everything. I met one of my really good friends at V.I.P lounge, and we make it a tradition to meet once a week for a cocktail. No matter if you want to go solo or with a group of friends, the V.I.P. lounge will make you feel like a very important person.

For more information about the V.I.P. lounge check out http://www.yelp.com/biz/vip-lounge-bakersfield.com or check them out on http://www.facebook.com.

Local Pilot gives Inside Scoop on Local Airport

14 May

A Bakersfield, local pilot, Michael Stewart shares a typical day out at the Airport. He also shares special events and fun things to do on the weeks many of us local residents were unaware of! The Rocket Shop Cafe is located on the airport grounds and open to the public everyday of the week!

Girls’ Night Out

13 May

Girls Night Out

Women today have a lot more on their plates than ever before. With an abundance of responsibilities such as: work, school, and family, ladies have less time for socializing and even less time for relaxing. A girls’ night is a simple way to kill two birds with one stone. girls’ night out, or ladies’ night, can be described as a social gathering for a small group of girlfriends. The friends spend quality time together to catch up with one another. They engage in activities that are of interest to everyone. You can’t go wrong with the three basics: food, fun, and drinks! Also, despite popular belief, girls’ night out doesn’t have to start after sunset. There are plenty of day-time activities fof ladies to participate in.

Client receives facial treatment at Skinsations Medical Spa

Client receives facial treatment at Skinsations Medical Spa

Spa: One of the most common forms of quality girl timewould have to be going to the spa. Bakersfield is home to many options, Skinsation medical spa and EuroTan Spa are two of the more established spas within the city. Both establishments have made regular appearances in Bakersfield Life. A massage is one of the best ways to wind down.  Skinsation goes above and beyond by offering body wraps, body scrubs,  facials, and minimal medical procedures. EuroTan Spa, a subsidery of  Europhoria Spa & Solarium, provides massages along with tanning services, specialty facials, and waxing treatments. Many spas today offer hair and nail treatments to better serve customers. Planning ahead and researching various spas and any accompanying deals make preperation and execution easier, especially with groups of women.

Image provided by richlymiddleclass.com

Image provided by richlymiddleclass.com

Shop: There is no need to shop ’til you drop, but a little retail therapy never hurt. Even if it’s just a pair of gold hoop earrings, buying a gift for oneself is sometimes necessary. It can be viewed as a small token of self-appreciation for all of the hard work that only you know you do. Valley Plaza Mall is home to an ecletic mix of shops. However, the area can become very crowded and cause ones’ patience to dwindle. This defeats the purpose of having a girls’ night (or day). A more relaxing place to shop, or window shop, would be the Marketplace. The stores are more “high-end,” but there is more elbow room. Also, everybody seems to move at a slower pace. For the budget-minded, try to plan ladies’ night around sale days or shop from the clearance rack to catch a steal.

Dinner & Drinks: You can indulge in both or just stick to one. The possibilities are endless for where to eat. Different people have different taste buds. Sushi is enjoyed by many. Ichibans off of Gosford offers quality sushi dishes with affordable prices. Chilli’s, Olive Garden, and the Elephant Bar, all located within Bakersfield, give residents a range of restaurants and eateries to choose from. For a more energetic atmosphere, try Hooters, it gives you a reason to leave the kids at home. Hooters, like many eating establishments have bars installed for guest to wait or watch television. For those who find this less than desireable, downtown Bakersfield has an activ street life which makes bar-hopping a breeze. The Padre Hotel gets positive feedback for its ability to create a club-like mood. Que Pasa, though it caters to a different demographic, can be a blast with events like Happy Hour and Taco Tuesday. $2 tacos and half-priced drinks, need I say more?

Hooters waitresses serve up smiles in the form of chicken and beer.

Hooters waitresses serve up smiles in the form of chicken and beer.