Teaching Fundamental Basketball

20 Apr


[ Rod Barnes (left) Kadar Waller (right) posing for the camera at the basketball camp.]

The CSUB Athletics Department has not yet got to the basketball camp that they will be hosting, but it will be coming soon!!!

The men’s basketball camp goes from June 24-27. Ages range from 8 to 18 years. Campers will arrive at 8 a. m. and leave by 1 p.m. but the coaches will supervise until 5 p.m. The camp will be held in the CSUB Icardo Center.

The basketball summer camp has a lot to offer to kids that live in the Bakersfield community.  Rod Barnes, CSUB men’s basketball head coach, makes sure the camp immerses the camper in the sport, giving them a great focus and intensive workout improvement. The basketball camp is there for the kids to work hard, improve in the activities they are given, and make new friends.

Basketball is a mind game. Not everyone who plays basketball has a basketball I.Q or really knows and understands the game of basketball.

The basketball camp teaches footwork, skill work, improve campers love for the game, and patience.

CSUB men’s basketball camp is a total opposite from any other camp. This camp puts forth a lot of time and engages in a lot of activities with their campers. The coaches try to make the campers enjoy the game of basketball and make sure they understand the basketball principles.



One Response to “Teaching Fundamental Basketball”

  1. jonbell2000 May 25, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Great post on the coach. I know him personally and he is a great guy and he love the kids!!

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