Shooting the breeze in Bakersfield

10 May

Shooting guns is fun. Every since I first saw Arnold blow away the T-1000 by firing a shotgun with a single hand, guns have fascinated me. Not enough to actually buy a gun, I think they’re more of a hazard than they’re worth, but enough to want to fire one every now and then so a place where I can checkout a gun for an hour and take shots at a target is right up my alley.

Second Amendment Sports offers that. Located on 2523 Mohawk street, the store and range are one of the larger facilities of its type in Kern County.

Their most appealing part is the gun rental selection. My love of guns extends to what I see in movies so being able to use the same Beretta 92FS Neo used in the “The Matrix” or a classic “Dirty Harry”-esque Smith &Wesson revolver is a blast for me.

The average person can expect to pay about $20 plus gun rental fee, safety equipment fee and ammunition to use at the range.

Second Amendment Sports does offer various memberships though. Ranging from $20-$225 per year the memberships include discounts for guests, discounts on equipment rentals and discounts on purchases. Second Amendment Sports also offers discounts for members of the military, law enforcement officers and senior citizens.

For those who are a bit more serious about firearm ownership than I am, Second Amendment Sports also offers training on everything from basic handgun technique to precision rifle training.

There is also a gunsmith on site to help with any issues you may run into. For ore information you can contact Second Amendment Sports at 661-323-4512.



Second Amendment Sports Arizona Location. from


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