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X Marks the Spot

13 Jun

Geocaching is modern day treasure hunting. The outdoor recreational activity can provide plenty of fun and entertainment for those who are looking for something new and interesting to partake in.

Firstly, treasure seekers typically use GPS through their mobile devices or a receiver in order to locate geocaches. Caches contain hidden treasures and a log to keep records of geocachers and the date the found the cache. If a treasure is removed, a new treasure of equal or more value must replace it. The goal is to trade items. You take something with you and leave something behind, like leaving your mark.

Caches are generally contained in pill bottles, military ammunition boxes, Tupperware and/or other storage containers. Little trinkets await whoever finds them.

Photo by: Athena Skapinakis It's always fun to find random objects in caches.

Photo by: Athena Skapinakis
It’s always fun to find random objects in caches.

The coolest aspect of geocaching is that you’re finding something that someone else—someone you’ve never met but are now connected with—has left behind. You make your mark by entering your name or team name in a log with the date you found the cache.

There are caches everywhere and all over to find. It’s truly fascinating to look through the cache and examine the wondrous objects left behind by others for you to find. Bakersfield has several caches that you can find.

I suggest using this website http://www.geocaching.com/ to get started and learn more. To find others interested in geocaching with you, visit this page.  If you have a Smartphone, you can download the app by Groundspeak Inc. for $9.99 and it has great features and functions to aid your quest. It will show nearby caches, track your progress with interactive maps or compass view and more.

Geocaching can be thrilling and adventurous. It can also challenge you with obscure clues and messages left by others. It’s definitely a fun way to enjoy your day or evening if you’re tight on money and need something to do with friends. Best of luck, treasure seekers!


What to do when Bakersfield turns up the Heat

13 Jun

The Bakersfield heat has been known to drench its residents in sweat and give an overwhelming sense of desperation to escape. With the summer approaching quickly, all you will want to do is douse yourself with these three ways to beat the heat.

1. Just Keep Swimming

photo by: Athena Skapinakis

Hanging pool side with friends is an excellent way to beat the heat in Bakersfield.

In this town, the struggle is real. As the sun beats down upon you, it’s a true wonder that the sun hasn’t melted you yet. You need SPF 45 just to stay alive. The best way to beat the heat in Bakersfield is to cannonball right into your pool if you have one. If you don’t have a swimming pool to call your own, you may have to find a friend that does or venture out to Buena Vista Lake. It’s a short drive away and the parking fee is cheap if you’d like to take a group of friends out for a good time.

You can check out BV Lake’s facebook page here

2. Scream for Ice Cream

Image by flickr.com Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day.

Image by flickr.com
Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day.

There are so many places you can get your ice cream fix around Bakersfield. One of my favorite choices is your neighborhood’s local ice cream man or the ‘La Rosa Man’ who sells those delectable Mexican popsicles. If you’d rather not wait around for either men and don’t have their pop-by schedules memorized you can head down to Dewar’s, Cold Stone’s, Baskin Robbins, RiteAid or a Sno Shack nearest you. Nothing cools you down like icy yumminess.

For a list of various ice cream places in Bakersfield, click here

3. Netflix, the AC and the wardrobe

Image by: Netflix.com Netflix is a wonderful way to relax, beat the heat and bond with others.

Image by: Netflix.com
Netflix is a wonderful way to relax, stay out of the heat and bond with others.

Power your air conditioner on, throw on some light and breathable comfies and plop yourself how you see fit on your couch. Netflix’s streaming plan is only $7.99 month (and another $7.99 if you’re interested in the DVD plan as well). The instant streaming can offer a wide variety of movies and tv shows. You can find some real treasures with independent films, foreign films and the plethora of tv shows that Netflix has to offer. It’s all very easy to use, and it’s ideal for those days you don’t feel like wandering outside your house to get fried by the Bakersfield sun.

Click this link to sign up for your own Netflix account.


Bikes and Boards of the ‘Field

12 Jun

A Comm 306 Original Film. BMX riders and skateboarders show off tricks at a Beach Park.


Fun Moments at Camelot Park

11 Jun

Two friends share why people should go to Camelot Park.



11 Jun

Skateland’s manager Natalie Dunn Fries and longtime skater Julie share why you should come to Bakersfield Skateland.

Dewar’s Offers Delicious Desserts Daily

11 Jun

Dewar’s has been providing Bakersfield with tasty treats for over 100 years.



10 Jun

Fishing at Bakersfield aqueduct with Darryl Carter a avid fishermen from Bakersfield.