Bakersfield Tuning Up for its Annual Jazz Festival

15 Apr

What is fun to do in Bakersfield? This is a frequent question that hangs around first-time visitors in Bakersfield. If he or she were to ask a native Bakersfield resident, then they would get a reply: nothing. But, how about concerts or live musical performances?

Has anyone in Bakersfield realized that there is plenty of diversity in the music scene here in Bakersfield? One of these strong music scenes that have conjured up a festival for more than 25 years is jazz.

California State University, Bakersfield hosts many events in its campus that invites the community and people living surrounding Bakersfield. One of those events happens to be the Bakersfield Jazz Festival. In May, CSUB will be hosting the 27th annual Jazz Festival The jazz festival attracts people from all around the community and from outside of town to this two-day event to listen to live jazz musicians. The event is on May 10th-11th at the CSUB Amphitheater area and tickets range from $20 to $60.


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