Plenty to Drink in the ‘Field

15 Apr

Everyone complains that there’s nothing to do in Bakersfield, but if you’re over the age of 21, there’s plenty to be seen-and done. From the Padre hotel- located in the heart of downtown- to your neighborhood bar at Chili’s, Bakersfield’s bar scene is definitely booming. Personally, I prefer to swing by Applebee’s whenever I’m in need of a drink during the week. Their late night happy hour happens seven nights a week, from 9-close. The hosts and servers are always extremely friendly and helpful whether you’re trying to decide on an entrée or choose a cocktail.

sky bar


Sky Bar lounge is also becoming a popular spot in the ‘field, and though I haven’t frequented this location quite as much, the few times I have visited have been memorable.  Being that one of my sorority sisters is pretty good friends with one of the bouncers, I’ve never actually had to wait in line or pay for drinks. The club-like atmosphere is definitely enticing, and you’ll want to make sure you’re you’ve got a designated driver before dipping into this party scene.



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