Local Vendors Ask Bakersfield, Trash or Treasure?

11 May
Mill Creek Antique Mall Bakersfield, CA Photographed by Mill Creek Staff

Mill Creek Antique Mall Bakersfield, CA Photographed by Mill Creek Staff

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At least that is the mindset of those who set up shop in Bakersfield’s Mill Creek Antique Mall. Local vendors seek out cast off junk to refurbish, refinish and resale at drastically marked down prices.

Mill Creek Antique Mall is the home of over 30 local Bakersfield vendors. Each space offers a variety of merchandise from the very old to the new and trendy. Unique, one of a kind merchandise reflects the personality of each vendor, many of whom have paired up with family members, partners and friends.


Clare Mullich, owner of Mullich Old Stuff says, “I opened my booth at Mill Creek with a friend close to two years ago. Initially it was just a hobby, but being a vendor has given me so much more. I’ve made wonderful friends in a fun and friendly atmosphere doing something I genuinely enjoy”.

Mill Creek Antique Mall is owned and operated by Rick Freels. In addition to providing downtown Bakersfield with a hot spot for local shoppers, he provides a comfortable happy place of employment for the rest of his family. Rick’s son Bobby, wife Jennifer and brother-in-law Bob are at the disposal of the vendors and the shoppers as Mill Creek’s top notch staff.

For Bakersfield’s shopping convenience, Mill Creek Antique Mall is located at 805 19th Street in Downtown Bakersfield. They’re open 7 days a week, opening from 10am to 6pm. For information regarding becoming a vendor contact Rick Freels by phone at (661) 324-1900 or by email at info@millcreekantiquemall.com.



One Response to “Local Vendors Ask Bakersfield, Trash or Treasure?”

  1. daisy284788 May 24, 2013 at 12:49 am #

    I love antiques! I think they are valuable than the actual things society values today. I must admit that I enjoy going to antique stores whenever I am around downtown! I think people should place more importance to the things primarily invented or designed in the past as they are a great source of comparison to point out how much we have grown technologically.

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