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2013 CSUB Roadrunner Olympics

10 Jun


Some fun and excitement from the CSUB athletics department competing at the 2013 Roadrunner Olympics. As you watch this video you will see athletes doing a little obstacle course, a game of tug-a-war, and chubby bunny.


Beat The Heat In Bakersfield

18 May

If you ever want to beat the heat in Bakersfield go to Pump It Up. A place for children and adults were you will always endure a memorable experience. Not only does Pump it up have multiple jolly jumpers and games but anyone is allowed to have a party there and its a private, and indoors place. Pump It Up is not only designed for parties but they host events that children can participate in.  The workers there are all so friendly and always willing to help.


Some of the events Pump It Up hosts is a glow and the dark, this can be a kids favorite place. Pump It Up provides ice cream, pizza, ice cold beverages and cake for parties they host. While jumping in the jolly jumpers it is a good thing to be aware that there can be little kids around. Remember the premises is air conditioned.

Inside Pump It Up they have a basketball court connected to the jolly jumper where kids can play and get up shots. They have a boxing ring inside one of the jolly jumpers were you can play fight and have a great time. They have multiple slide jolly jumpers just in case you want to go simple. Last they have a regular jolly jumper for the little babies.

All- Star Basketball Game!

13 May

During the all star game practice you will get to meet the coaching staff and players while getting a brief inside on what they will be doing in the game.

A Place To Be A Kid!

11 May

Chuck E. Cheese is a place to be a kid. Everyone and anyone is allowed to go to Chuck E. Cheese. This place has many games, fun tunnels kids, and adults can enjoy with their time there.




Not only does Chuck E. Cheese allow anyone to come and play but also, people can throw parties there. Chuck E. Cheese is very good at keeping an eye on children that enter and leave the premises. The parent/ guardian has to get a stamp when entering Chuck E. Cheese. When its time to go the worker must check to see that they have the same stamp and that the parent/ guardian is not leaving with someone else’s child.


There are not many options of food, but Chuck E. Cheese has one of the best pizzas served in Bakersfield. Along with serving pizza, Chuck E. Cheese has desserts, beverages, candy, and a salad bar.


Inside Chuck E. Cheese, there are many games waiting to be played, tunnels ready to be crawled through, and food ready to be eaten! Kids and adults love to go to Chuck E. Cheese just to get away sometimes and enjoy the fun. Being a grown up is not always about being serious, joking and playing is a reliever and Chuck E. Cheese definitely helps out with having fun and enjoying oneself.


Sometimes the only thing that will stop a kid from enjoying themselves is being scared of Chucky or any of the other characters. Chuck E. Cheese is great, but sometimes you can’t ruin your visit and stay for too long!

Teaching Fundamental Basketball

4 May



[Robert Barnes, CSUB men’s head coach (left) Kadar Waller, a camper (right) getting done with camp.]

Boys ages 8 to 18 will soon be able to learn the game of basketball from coaches and players who have competed at the highest collegiate level.

The CSUB Athletics Department is hosting a basketball summer camp June 24 to 27. The camp cost $200 for each camper. The camp will be hosted in the Icardo Center on the CSUB campus. The summer camp happens every year and it helps the Athletic Department raise money for the men’s basketball team. Along with raising money it improves the campers basketball knowledge.

Basketball is a mind game. As a member of the women’s team at CSUB, I know this from first- hand experience. Not everyone who plays basketball has a basketball I.Q or really knows and understands the game of basketball. In basketball a player must have good footwork, skill work, be coachable, understand what is being taught, and be willing to improve his or her game.

Campers will develop all of the key basketball skills including shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defending. CSUB men’s basketball camp immerses the camper in the sport, giving him a great focus and intensive workout for improvement.

Basketball camp is there for kids to work hard, improve in the activities they are given, and make new friends. Players who want to learn how to play competitive basketball usually go to this camp to improve on their agility skills, footwork, and dedication to the game and to show they are willing to work during offseason.

The men’s summer basketball camp is open to the community.

Campers will arrive at 8 a.m. and leave by 1 p.m. but the facilities will be supervised until 5 p.m. The campers will get a lunch break at noon.

According to the director of basketball operations, Doc Waller, he said, “Well I’m from Bakersfield and I have two kids of my own. I like the fact that I used to be an elite player and I’m always willing to help out people who are always willing to listen and improve their game.”

Waller also said, “One of the main reasons is teaching young kids basic fundamentals to have their basketball skills, interacting with the community and also, it’s kind of like connecting a bridge with the city of Bakersfield for men’s basketball.”

This summer camp is useful and will help kids learn from elite players.

“I’m good already, but my attitude gets in the way sometimes, so this camp can teach me to get better, plus my dad is always on me,” said Kadar Waller, 11, Coach Waller’s son who plans to attend the camp.

Along with working on fundamentals, campers will also engage in contests and games that will allow them to be competitive.

For information, call Doc Waller at (661) 654- 2344.

Sweet Tooth !

26 Apr

Some people crave barbecue, sushi, mexican food. Well me i always have a sweet tooth for some sweets. Ice cream, cakes, candy, cookies! Sweets can make someone’s day just that much better. My #1 spot to go when i have a sweet tooth is Dewars.


  • Dewar’s Ice Cream is a place to be a kid, you can go there and have ice cream to candy! Dewars has delightful treats that are prepared with love and care from the workers to their customers. Dewars ice cream makes me feel welcomed every time I step foot in the place. Every time I go to Dewars I always seem to find an available seat at the bar. The bar  allows you to seat yourself and be served quickly. While I eat my ice cream I like to enjoy watching the moose that is on the wall and sings. Dewars is open from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.


Yogurtland is a frozen yogurt is made with California’s real milk and served with an array of different toppings. Yogurtland is a self- serve yogurt place. After picking your flavor of frozen yogurt, I start to walk towards the toppings. Yogurtland has all the toppings you can think of, along with syrups. Yogurtland does not really have a big dining area, but every time I visit I feel at ease. The scenery is very peaceful and welcoming.

Cold Stone creamery is a delicious spot I also enjoy going to. Although Cold Stone provides many varieties ice cream creations to smoothies I always find a way to create my own. Customers have the right to choose a “like it”, “love it”, or “gotta have it”, which is compared to a small, medium, and large. I always pick a “like it” because it is just enough. My favorite creation is getting vanilla ice cream, bananas, snickers, walnuts, and caramel.


Ayyy Batter Batter, Swing!!

24 Apr

Baseball games can be really fun if you participate with the activities and watch the game very closely. Sometimes you won’t be able to see every player get a chance to get on the field, but you will see them cheering their teammates on! These baseball games are full of energy. The baseball slogo is “Not good enough…..YET!”

ImageScene Setter: This is the Hardt Field, baseball field. CSUB men’s baseball team is 27-14 and are currently ranked #1 in the WAC (Western Athletic Conference). Photo was taken on April 24, 2013. Taken by Dajyanah Vines.


Medium shot: Bill Kernen (left), head coach, talks to the umpire (right) after calling a horrible call during the game. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo taken by Dajyanah Vines.

ImageThe portrait: Chance Gusbeth (#10) starts to take his batting glove off as he starts to walk to the dugout after getting out on first base. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo taken by Dajyanah Vines.

ImageDetailed shot: A baseball mit, glasses, and a baseball hat. Nice little reflection of the dugout coming off of the glasses. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo was taken by Dajyanah Vines.


Capturing Action: Frank Martinez takes a swing at the ball. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo was taken by Dajyanah Vines.

ImageThe head coach Bill Kernen talks to player, Dylan Christensen during the game. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo taken by Dajyanah Vines.

ImageThe men’s baseball team wears pink to support the cancer breast awareness. James Barragan (#21) gives all attention to his teammate after hitting the ball. Photo taken on April 19, 2013. Photo taken by Dajyanah Vines.