Zone into Sweetness

5 May

Tasty yogurt, friendly staff, and a cheerful atmosphere is what you can expect at Yogurt Zone. Having its grand opening on February 8 this year, Yogurt Zone is a fun new addition to the self-serve frozen yogurt franchises in Bakersfield. Yogurt Zone is located in The Marketplace on Ming Avenue. This new yogurt place zoned right in nearly as quick as the high temperatures hit 70 degrees. In addition, with the temperatures rising, the fresh new location is a remarkable place to go in order to cool down while enjoying some of the many flavors of yogurt.

The self-serve yogurt shop carries 14 different flavors of yogurt, and more than 50 creative toppings. Its yogurt flavors vary from fresh fruits such as coconut, kiwi, strawberry, and mango to your more traditional flavors such as chocolate. Yogurt Zone is sure to have a flavor to satisfy the sweetest tooth. Apart from its diversity in flavors, bright, fun and creative décor fills the inside of the yogurt shop.

“The pink cushion along the walls, good music, and creative egg- like seating make my visit more enjoyable,” said Karyn Ortiz, 21, a daily customer and student at the nearby campus of California State University, Bakersfield.

The self-serve yogurt place, along with its neighboring ice cream shop competitors Cold Stone, and Baskin Robbins can be a bit pricey.

According to Neil Williams (2009), author of the book Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Business Guide, the prices of self-serve yogurt can vary due to a variety of things.

“The toppings will definitely cost you more than the yogurt. A range is between .10 and .40 cents per ounce – so be very careful in what toppings you choose to offer, since your retail price per ounce is fixed between 35 and 50 cents per ounce,” (Williams , 2009 , p. 199).

“I don’t mind paying the $.39 per ounce for yogurt and toppings, because I can choose to mix, take away, or add certain items. I like the sense of control I have on the price I pay for my yogurt,” said Ignacio Medina, 20, a first-time customer of Yogurt Zone.

How can Yogurt Zone separate itself from similar self-served yogurt competitors Yogurtland and Tutti Fruti? Management at Yogurt Zone carefully thought out the needs of their customers in order to make their experience enjoyable. They are showing it by going the extra step, by going virtual with its Facebook webpage.  In addition, they strongly consider the feedback they get from their valued customers, and it shows through their alterations on their store hours .

“Only if it was possible to get yogurt after a late movie,” posted a fan of Yogurt Zone on their Facebook page. Their store hours have extended to eleven at night, in order to accommodate to those who suggested extended longer operating hours. Now those with a late night craving for their yogurt can visit their location late at night.

Great customer service, a fun environment, and friendly staff are a few of the aspects that Yogurt Zone has established within their yogurt shop in the community of Bakersfield. For more information visit their Facebook page at .


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