Let’s beat the summer weather

18 May

Bakersfield’s weather is like no other. It is either really cold or really hot. It almost feels as if we don’t have spring. There is no real transgression period.

Luckily, we accommodate by changing our wardrobe with the times.

In the winter, we wear jackets, sweaters, leggings, boots, and two pairs of socks. I even wear two pairs of pants. In the summer, we wear light colored clothing, shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, and sandals. But I must warn anybody who has just strolled down Bakersfield. We do have three degree summer weather. It is not always the most enjoyable, but summer clothes, an air conditioner, cooler, or fan, help the hot weather a lot.

In my opinion, an air conditioner, fan, or cooler, is best little investment one can make in Bakersfield. The prices for them range depending on the size and type of air conditioner, cooler, or fan, the person wants to buy. They can be bought at Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, to name a few.

But my favorite way to beat the Bakersfield heat is by going to Hart Memorial Park. It is eight miles northeast of Bakersfield on the Alfred Harrell Highway. It is a very nice and big park. There are picnic spots to cook, very tall shady trees to lie down, walk or run around, places to fish, animals to see, playgrounds for the kids, a river, and even two lakes where you can swim at.

It is to no surprise this place is never lonely. The trees and running water bring in people for hours. What better way than to beat the heat than at Hart Memorial Park with your friends and family.


Hart Memorial Park scenery
Photo by (http://www.co.kern.ca.us)


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