New Gun Store coming soon to Bakersfield

3 May

A former worker in the private security sector, Todd Hendrix, 27, is in the process of opening up a new gun store in Bakersfield, but not just the average gun store. Hendrix has obtained a special weapons permit to import, export, and manufacture guns. He is one of the few people in California to obtain this special weapons permit and is in the process of getting design approvals from the ATF weapons technology branch. The Bakersfield location will include a single lane shooting range, mainly to test newly manufactured long guns (rifle/shotgun) and short guns (pistols). Hendrix shot his first gun at the age of six while dove hunting one morning with his father and twin brother. He has his own private gun collection that contains a large variety of different types of guns.

“Guns are my passion, and there is nothing like the feeling ” Hendrix said. Hendrix said he hopes to open Hendrix Defense in six to eight months. As of right now he is just taking special orders and his main business focuses on private security and law enforcement. The store will offer both long and short guns and customize your weapon of choice such as custom painting, emblems, writing and more. Because of newly introduced gun laws such as Obama wanting to abolish gun ownership all together, business has sky rocketed for certain caliber rounds of ammunition and certain long guns and long gun parts.

“My gun is kick butt and I can’t wait to purchase my next gun for my wife from Hendrix” said customer Pete Cavallo. He recently bought a gun from Hendrix and said he hopes to get his whole family more into guns and safety.

Hendrix mentions he might incorporate a target practice shooting area in his facility depending on demand. He also said that providing safety class on how to properly use guns and how to protect yourself and others is also in consideration. His plan is to be open to the public but his main focus of business will be for private security and law enforcement purchases.

With the possibilities of guns being banned from private owners in the U.S., Hendrix is hoping his business can be up and running before California follows suit so he can distribute as many guns as he can to local people in need of private guns. He has a strong passion for guns and his hope is to open a facility like no other in Bakersfield that the public can come to for their special customizing needs and requests. He also says he will incorporate better prices in his stores to compete with some of the local gun stores already operating. As of now, Hendrix takes special orders upon request. Contact him via email at



4 Responses to “New Gun Store coming soon to Bakersfield”

  1. ashlanchavez May 25, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    Oh wow, how awesome! I am quite partial to guns and I’m actually looking for a SMR 1216 shotgun right now (look it up, it’s awesome). The prices are so ridiculous right now though. Thank you for the information on this particular place, I’m definitely going to have to check it out.


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