Thrift Shopping: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

23 Apr
In Your Wildest Dreams Co.

In Your Wildest Dreams Co.

Macklemore had the right idea when he wrote his song Thrift Shop. With just $20 in hand, shoppers can turn recycled clothing into an ensemble that expresses an individual’s personality without breaking the bank. Thrift shopping or “Thrifting” is a term used by shoppers who enjoy rummaging through second-hand items until a personal treasure is found. Thrift shops are unique in that no two items are ever the same. Many stores have items, such as trinkets, dolls,  and home decor from various time periods.

In Your Wildest Dreams Consignments is a popular thrift store located in downtown Bakersfield. According to their website, the shop offers “a little bit of everything.” This particular consignment store has two levels. The street level is filled with mean’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Towards the back of the store there is a section for  children’s clothes and toys as well as costume wear. The lower level of the shop is packed with various pieces of furniture from mirrors and paintings to chifferobes and full bedroom sets.

Andrea Neablas, who has been “thrifting” for 3 years said, “I love thrift shopping. When you do it right you can definitely come out on top with some good steals.

Not only does this particular thrift store sell pre-used goods at their locations, but they also post estate sells on their website for customers who may be interested in attending.

There are several options to choose from when considering where to shop. Besides In Your Wildest Dreams Co., Bakersfield offers a variety of other second-hand stores such as Rad Thrift, The Salvation Army, and Goodwill.

“I bought my kids’ bed rails from Goodwill, but I would never buy a used mattress,” Neablas said. is a website devoted to people who thoroughly enjoy the act of thrifting. The website offers a list of thrift shops to go to, although it does not list In Your Wildest Dreams Co. It also provides reviews from customers, store hours of operation, a directory, and an extensive list of links to second-hand store websites.

“Everybody should go thrift shopping at least once in their lifetime. You don’t have to buy clothes, you can buy jewelry, a hat, shoes, something,” Neablas said.


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